Textpad Free Download For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista

Sometimes we have to use notepad on our windows system for different types of works. Because using a huge software or an editor like MS word may be a little advanced for somethings. Therefore we use notepad for little purposes. Actually, we can use notepad to big works like coding a web page or javascript too. But using the notepad in Windows is some kind of a boring and the interface and the tools on it is at a primary level. So if there is a replacement for the note on the Windows operating system would you replace notepad. Yes, you may be doing that. So the alternative to the Notepad is TextPad. Textpad also a text editor like the notepad. But TextPad is more advanced and interesting than the notepad. Therefore most of the people use TextPad on their PC.



Actually, Textpad is a text editor for the Windows operating system and it has better and advanced features than the Windows default text editor notepad. So this text editor has a professional appearance and has advanced options. This application made by targeting the users that of all the types. Beginners or professionals can use this app without any doubt.


When talking about the interface of the Textpad editor, it has a very easy to use interface including the advanced options. Actually, the main window is divided into several parts. Therefore it is very easy to use and easy to identify the tools of the application. This Textpad application consists with a File Explorer, A Screen for File Comparison and a Powerful Search feature.



  • One of the best features of this application is the ability to edit several documents at the same time. So for this, you need to open those documents in different tabs. So this app supports tabs too.
  • There are some advanced tools in the application. Some of them are
  1. Spell checker – so you can use this app to check your spellings in the documents.
  2. DOS Converter
  3. Macro Recorders
  4. Exel sized Configuration Screen – So this helps to go to many settings in the application.
  • Using the preferences windows you can change lots of things. Keyboard shortcut boundings, File Name Filters, Document Classes, Spellings etc.


  • Ability to include Textpad to the Windows content menu. So you can give this as the default opening app of some files. so it can replace with the notepad.
  • It automatically saves your works on the program. So if you accidentally leave the application without saving your documents, they do not discard, they save in the program. So you can get them back.
  • Can use to do Website coding or Java Coding. So it can use to do some advanced works.

Supporting File Formats

This program supports several file formats. they are TXT, CPP, INI, CXX, HTM, INL, TCL, JAVA and STM.

Pros Of The Application

  • It has Professional Level Tools.
  • Ability to use to code languages.
  • It is a Freeware, Therefore anyone can download the TextPad application for free.


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