ScreenHunter Free 6.0 Free Download For Windows

This Article is about the Screenhunter and before talk about the Screenhunter there are some things that should know about. Sometimes we need to take screenshots for different purposes. In PC and Mobile, we can take screenshots in different ways. To take screenshots on the PC, the way we normally do is using the Print Screen Button In the Keyboard. Then the whole screen is captured and it copied to the clipboard. So we have to go Paint or any other software like that to get that captured screenshot and we have to save it to take as an image. Actually, this is a very long process.

There are some other defects in this process. They are you can’t capture the screenshots of videos. If you take a screenshot on a video, the part of the video becomes black. Therefore it is not a good way to capture a video screenshot. So another defect is you can’t select the capturing area. So you have to capture the whole screen and crop it later. Therefore this print screen method is not a good method of taking screenshots. So what should we do to overcome those problems? Actually, there is a way to overcome those problems. It is Screenhunter program. The Screenhunter is a program that can use to capture screenshots of your PC



Screenhunter is an Application that can use to capture screenshots in multiple methods without having a big effort. When installing this application you never face any difficulties. So when installing this application, you ask to install some third party apps. If you accept to install those, the time taken to the process of installation will be longer for few minutes.


The interface of this screenhunter application is very user-friendly. Therefore it is very easy to use this application. In the interface, there are main tabs on the left side and some buttons for different purposes. So Screenhunter is very easy to understand and you will never face any difficulties when using this application.


Screen Capturing

There are several options when capturing a screenshot when using this Screenhunter program. There is a feature to select the capturing area. The program allows you to select the capturing area as

  1. Rectangular Area
  2. Active Window
  3. Full Screen

So you can select one of these as the capturing area.

There is another option to include or exclude mouse pointer to the Screenshot and You can set a timer to the capturing.

After you capture a screenshot, you can save it in different types of file formats. You can save the captured as

  • BMP
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG

Other Features of the App

  • When you capture a screenshot, that screenshot is automatically copied to the Windows clipboard. So you can load that capture from an another application.
  • Ability to add Screenhunter to the Start menu. So you can quickly open the application.
  • Ability to Disable the tips appear on the Screen.
  • It is possible to minimize this Screenhunter app to the Windows system Tray and you can hide the icon in the system tray when you are capturing a screenshot.
  • Ability to enable a sound when capturing.
  • It takes a low amount of CPU and RAM to run this Screenhunter program on the PC.
  • Have a Full Help File.


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