Pixie Download – The Best Color Picker For Windows

When designing Graphics and Web Pages, there are color palettes in the designing application to select the colors. But if you want a specific color, as an example, you see a color from an image or from an application you use. So you want that color to your design. So you have to remember that color in your memory and go to your designing application. Then you have to select that color in the color palette in that designing application. But how you get that exact color you saw. You can create a color near to the color you saw on the image or application. But you can’t get the exact color. So for that problem, there is a solution. It is Pixie. Pixie is a color picker for Windows. With the help of it, you can create any color you see on your PC.



As mentioned above Pixie is a color picker that can use on your PC. It is an easy to use and very simple application. Pixie helps anyone to pick any color from the PC Screen and reproduce them quickly in the Designing programs or in the Web Pages. So there is no more using of Screenshots and Color wheel to color matching. Pixie will help you to get the exact color you want. This app is very useful for the Graphic Designers and Web Designers. This program has the ability to pick any color on your desktop or any other Program.

How Does The Pixie Works?

So this is how the Pixie works. After installing the application, open the app. Then you will see a very little window on your Screen. That’s the Pixie’s Window. As you can see, when you are taking the mouse cursor here and there on your PC screen you can see that the Pixie shows some colors on the window of it. Actually, it shows the colors that your Mouse cursor is on. Not only the color, Pixie shows some codes on the window of it. So what are those codes? Actually its Color codes for the color that your cursor is on. With the help of those codes, you can reproduce the exact color you want.


This gives the color codes of HTML, RGB, CMYK, HSV, and HEX. So note that color codes and get back to your designing application or Web Designing Application and enter that codes into the color maker on that application. So then you can get the exact color you saw.


Features Of The Pixie

  • There are Shortcuts Keys on the program that helps you to work with the Pixie. CNTRL+ ALT+ C is to Copy the HTML codes to the Clipboard.
  • In sometimes you want to get the codes of a color in a tiny spot. So you can use the Magnifying feature on the program to select that color. You can magnify a 32 X 32 area of Pixels to choose the exact color pixel you want.


  • There is an another feature on this app. It is you can get the XY Coordinates of the pixel you are on.
  • Ability to Move the Pixie Window to any position on the screen and it will always on top of any application. When minimizing the application it goes to the System tray.
  • The Interface of the Pixie is Very Simple and delicate. Therefore it is very beneficial when using.

How To Install

Actually, there is no need of installation for this app. Because it is just like a plug and play. The only thing you have to do is copy the EXE file to any directory you want and open the app. Then it is ready to use. Pixie takes an ultra small amount of space on your HDD and it takes very little amount of CPU and RAM to run. Because this is a very small application, its response time is very good. When Uninstalling the Pixie app, it leaves no any leftovers after the Uninstallation. And also when installing the Application it does not make any entries to the Windows Registry.


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