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When making a website, You can create them using a web designing software or use online web designing tools. So when creating a website you can create web page manually or you can get a website template and make some adjustments. Actually, in most of the web designing software, there are built-in website templates that can use to create websites. But there are other ways of getting website templates. So one of the ways is using OSWD. OSWD is a website that provides website templates for the web designers. Therefore web designers can download website templates from OSWD and use them on their works.


What Is A Website Template?

Website Template also has known as the Web template. So what is this website template means? Actually, it means, a pre-created web page or collection of web pages by some other web designer. So in this template, the shape of the website is already created. So the user only has to do is add images and texts that he wants to the template. According to the type of the website, the user can add them as his wish. So using a website template is very useful for the web developing or website creating beginners. As mentioned above OSWD is a great place for downloading web templates.

What Is This OSWD?

Actually, the meaning of OSWD is Open Source Web Design. So it is a Web template library. The mission of the OSWD is to provide a marketplace for the Web template creators and the publishers. Publishers can be programmers, some Students or they may be some Business owners. To use this OSWD service, the user has to create an Account on their site. After that user can select the type of the template wants. There are some template categories that is available to select to the user. Photography, Design, Music, Small Biz, Hotels are some of them. So the user can select any template that he wants.


This “Open Source Web Design” library has more than 5 000 000 downloads, 11 000 000 Previews, 2000 Designs and 1000 Designers. After creating an account on this OSWD. The user will able to upload the web templates too. If the template is good enough for the service editors. They will add it to their library.


  • Designologue – The Designologue is a group of links that related to Design and Web Standards.
  • The Most Popular – This feature allows the user to find most popular templates in the library. So this shows the designs that took the highest rankings in the OSWD.
  • Designs In Use – If the user has no idea how to use these web templates, there is a collection of sites that used this OSWD templates. Therefore the user can go to those sites and can get an idea about the templates.


Job Opportunites Given By The OSWD

Full Strack Rail Developer

Can work on part time or full time. The job is to keep the platform well and add new features to it.

So the Skills Needed for the job,

  • Knowledge of Rails, Javascript, SASS, Redis etc.

Frontend Developer

So the job is to design the platform for all the devices.

Therefore the skills needed for this job,

  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS3, Photoshop/ Illustrator, JavaScript etc.

If you are interested in those job opportunities, then send an email to the hello@oswd.org.


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