Kompozer Download – Web Authoring Program For Windows

People create websites for the internet for different purposes. Creating a website in early stages was very hard and the creator must know about some web based language for this process. But now creating a website become easy. Anyone can develop a website without even having huge knowledge about the web based languages. So there is a way to do that. There is a software that called Kompozer. Kompozer is a web authoring software that can use to create websites easily. Because this is a freeware. Anyone can free download this Kompozer to any PC. This site also contains the Kompozer free download link.


Kompozer For Creating Web Pages

Kompozer is containing with the WYSIWYG editor. It’s coming on the platform of Mozilla. So it is very easy to use this application to create web pages. One of the best features of this application is, it is coming with a File Manager and a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). So these are very useful to upload your files and newly created web pages to the Web Hosting Provider. As mentioned above, this application is available for free download and it is very easy to use.

Kompozer For a Beginners and Professionals

If the user is familiar with the other web designing software like Dreamweaver and Frontpage, Kompozer also just like those web designing software. The user can have the same results like Dreamweaver and the Frontpage from the Kompozer. This application doesn’t care if you are a beginner for web designing or you are a Professional skilled person. So anyone can use this web designing software without any hassle or complication. The WYSIWYG Tool is for the beginners. It is a tool that can use to create the website in drag and drop method. So it is very simple task to create a web page from WYSIWYG tool. Apart from the WYSIWYG tool, professionally skilled people can use HTML and CSS on this application to design web pages. So Kompozer is for the Beginners and the Professionals.


Other Details about the Kompozer

This is a perfect web designing tool and it includes a publishing system too. Therefore the user doesn’t need an another FTP application to upload the created web pages to the web server. It has the Gecko Engine and If the user uses GTK 2.14, then the user has to use 0.8 Alpha.

Features Of the Application

  • The user has the ability to use aTabs when editing. So tabs can use to have a couple of web pages in the same window.
  • FTP is using for file management.
  • It supports the various types of Templates, Forms, and Tables.
  • Hex values of the colors that you need when creating a web page can know by using the color picker.
  • There is a CSS editor for the Professionals.
  • There is a Spell Checker that can use to check your spellings. It works automatically and so it helps to prevent from looking like not professional.


Pros and Cons


  • Freeware. So anyone can download this for free.
  • The WYSIWYG web Editor is very easy to use.
  • Have a lot of good features.
  • Have a lot of Tutorials on the internet to learn about this Kompozer.


  • Templates of Dreamweaver doesn’t support for this application.
  • The addition of Flash objects is not an easy task.


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