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This is an important article for the PC users who are dealing with the internet daily. When you are using the internet daily you probably visit various web sites to download different types of Programs, files etc. Sometimes you may feel that your web browser doesn’t work properly. Some times you type a URL in the address bar and search but your web browser redirects it into some other Website. And when using your web browser, automatically your web browser visit some web sites without your permission. Another thing is your web browser shows some ads or pop ups. Actually, you may think that it is a problem in the Web Browser. But you have to know that it is not. It is an adware. Your PC is subjected to an Adware. So what is this adware? It is DNS Unlocker. DNS Unlocker is the most common Adware for PCs.

What Is DNS Unlocker?

As mentioned above it is an Adware. Adware means, it is also a malicious content just like malware. It is affecting to our day to day usage of PC just like the other malicious items. DNS Unlocker is a creation of Vidcreek.tv. This is spreading as a useful utility for the PCs. But it is nothing like the way it shows. it says that it can unblock the web sites that your Region or country that have been restricted to visit. Therefore most of the people install it to the PC to unblock the Blocked Web Sites. But after the installation, you can see that it is not what is says. It is completely a Malicious item. But people get cheated with this one and install that into the PC. So after the infection of this adware following things happen when using the Internet.

dns unlocker

  • Automatic Websites are opening via your Web Browser
  • Automatic Redirections to different web sites when you typing a URL on the Address Bar of your Web Browser
  • Most of the times some Extensions to the Web Browser have been installed without your consent.
  • Annoying Pop-up messages
  • Annoying ads display on the Web browser.
  • Automatic Downloading Processes

So if these symptoms are on your PC, Your PC is an infection of DNS Unlocker Adware.

How We Get The Infection Of DNS Unlocker To The PC?

Actually, this is the most important thing you should know about. How you get infected with the DNS Unlocker Adware. There are several ways for the infections of this adware. They are as follows

  • Mostly this adware is coming with the files you download. Some Programs like video converters and other small programs bundled with this adware. So when you download those programs, automatically you download this adware.
  • Sometimes it comes with the setups of some programs. Just like an additional toolbar for the program. So when you install the program, you install the adware to your PC.
  • When installing some extensions to the Web Browser also cause DNS unlocker infection.

dns unlocker

How We Get Rid Of The Infection Of DNS Unlocker Adware?

Actually using an antivirus program is totally not successful. Because they do not detect this adware. Because this adware works as a useful program for the PC. Then How we remove this adware. There is a DNS Unlocker Removing Tool for that purpose. It can remove DNS Unlocker totally. It is Spyhunter. Spyhunter’s developer is the Enigma Software Group. Spyhunter can find and remove all the files, Registries, Folders of the DNS Unlocker Adware. The other benefit of this application is it can remove other Adware and Hijacker toolbars too. Therefore it is the best application for use.

How To Use DNS Unlocker Remover Tool

Install the SpyHunter to your PC.

Open the Software.

Go to the Tab “DNS Settings”.

Check the box of Activate DNS Protection.

Then Check the box of Getting DNS Only From DHCP.

dns unlocker


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