AdwCleaner v7.0.0.0 Free Download For Windows

Most common problem for the internet users is the Malicious content. Because they come to the computer without our consent and disturb the normal system functions. The Adware and the Hijackers are also malicious contents that disturb our PC functions. When they get infected it is very hard to remove them from our computer. So some people format the system disk to remove that adware. But it occurs losing our valuable files on our disk and it is a lot of time taking work. So then, is there an other method to remove those? Yes, it is Adwcleaner. Adwcleaner is an anti-adware program for the  Computers. You can use it to remove the adware and hijackers on your PC.


What Is Adwcleaner?

This is an Adware Removing software created for the PC. It can remove all the Adware, Unwanted Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) and Browser Hijackers. Normally we can’t remove or uninstall these type of things with using delete button or using Add or Remove Programs. Because these are malicious content. So we have to use this special kind of removing program to remove these things. Actually, Adwcleaner is a very light weight program so this does not affect to your System resources much. So it won’t slow down your system. Some other software like this take lots of memory to run and it occurs slow down of your system. Therefore most of the people don’t like to install this kind of programs. But don’t worry this Adwcleaner program is nothing like them. It is very easy to use and works effectively with your System.

Installation Of Adwcleaner

Actually, when after you download Adwcleaner latest version, you don’t need to install Adwcleaner program. Because there is no any installation process for this anti-adware program. You can just move it to the directory you want and run it. So this can transfer from any storage. Just like copy and paste. Most of the times the programs does not work like this copy and paste. But this program works fine. So it can use as a portable anti-adware program for the Computers. So it is a very good feature on this software.

Uninstallation Of Adwcleaner

The uninstalling process also very easy to do like the installation process. But it can do in 2 ways. One way is using the uninstall button in the program. So with a single mouse click, you can remove Adwcleaner. The other one is selecting this program and press delete button. It also works. You may think that second way is not good because it leaves the registry files and traces of the program. But it’s not. Because there is no any installation process to run Adwcleaner. Therefore this application does not create any registry files or traces.

How To Use Adwcleaner

Download the Program. You can download it for free because it is a Freeware.

Open the program

Click the Scan button to scan your Computer


After the scanning process, the results will appear on the program. You can deselect the programs that you don’t want to remove. And it is necessary to close all the opened applications and programs before the cleaning process. Because automatically the opened applications are closed during the Cleaning process. So if there are any unsaved work of yours, it is necessary to save it before cleaning process starts.


Then Click Clean button to Start Cleaning Process


After the Cleaning Process click OK. Then your System is automatically restarting.



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